Bring the Magic of Rasa Sayang Home

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This is a GREAT gift for any parent with young children. My late father used to sing these songs to me as a child... And now I can do so with my kids!

Harith Iskander

I've never seen my kids more interested in a book than this new book from @mybababaa. I let Alana plays the songs and looks at the pictures. Suddenly I heard she sings "Chan Mali Chan". Hahaha first Malay song! And she loves it. I love it too. Weldon even tried to sing with the words albeit sounded funny. This book has GREAT songs and tunes, recording functions and comes with a beautiful packaging. Perfect for a gift. I'm very particular with product reviews but his one is A class!


First of all, I would love to say THANK YOU to @mybababaa for RASA SAYANG book! You have no idea how much the kids 'ketagihan' buku ni. Even my husband and myself pon tak sangka pulak Medina paling get attached with the book. 

RASA SAYANG is a sing-and-record fun book from @mybababaa. Yang buat the kids jadi ketagihan tu, not only because the book can sing and they can record their own voice, tapi sebab koleksi lagunya sungguh klasik. Anak-anak saya tak pernah dengar lagu-lagu sebegini. Lagu seperti Rasa Sayang, Lenggang Kangkung, Anak Itik Tok Wi dan yang lain-lainnya.

Medina's favourite is Bengawan Solo. Can you believe that? Dia boleh duduk menghadap buku ni berhari hari. Dia struggle nak hafal walaupon dia tak faham maksud dan arah tuju lagu ni. LOL. Kalau korang berada di tempatku, korang akan terpinga-pinga ; awat budak ni kemaruk Bengawan Solo? Sumpah, tak tipu!

Sekarang the kids dah boleh nyanyi lagu-lagu yang jadi sebahagian dari memori zaman kanak-kanak saya. Saya tak pernah pon sebelum ni perkenalkan pada anak-anak. Thank you RASA SAYANG .


I am very happy and amazed by how fast Noah learned the songs in this fun sing along @mybababaa book.

Yasmin Hani Richardson

Such a wonderful discovery! This Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record fun book from @mybababaa is truly a gem in preserving our nusantara heritage for our children.. our very own version Mother Goose songs to teach and sing along with them.


Alex doesn't speak Malay (bahasa) very well but, you guys should hear him sing Rasa Sayang. Like a pro! Got this amazing book from @mybababaa and he is obsessed! There's a feature that lets you record your own singing (it's like small for kids) so Rasa Sayang has been on repeat this whole morning.


Kakak excited gila sebab buku ini boleh record nyanyian kita. Lagu lagu dalam ni semua lagu yang popular masa zaman kita kecik-kecik dulu. And semalam. Ibub and papa yang excited nyanyi.


My girls' very first attempt in singing traditional folk songs! And I must say - this book does a great job in keeping them occupied with the voice recording function and it is definitely a great siblings-bonding activity too! So much love for this educational sing-along book!